About Doug


  • I have been a school teacher for 32 years. This has influenced my attitudes toward education greatly. While I did briefly teach at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, my heart is in the k-12 public education arena.

  • Decisions for our kids is best done at the local level.

  • The community plays a vital role in the education of our children.

  • It is our children that form the basis of our beliefs and carry that on to the future.


Personal Information:

  • I started teaching in Michigan (Junior High School) then moved to Australia for 4 years where my 1st daughter, Claire, was born.

  • In 1975 I came to Colorado Springs and started teaching at Air Academy High School. My last year at Air Academy High School was 2002.

  • I taught AP Biology, Genetic Engineering and regular Biology at Air Academy.

  • Kelly, my younger daughter is currently a Junior at Discovery Canyon Campus, which is also where my wife, Christa teaches as a middle school science teacher.

Professional Background:

Some of the accolades I have received are:

  • Colorado Athletic Directors Association award
  • Outstanding Teacher Award for Air Academy High School,
  • School District #20, John Asbury Award (Outstanding D20 Secondary Teacher),
  • Outstanding Biology Teacher Award,presented by the National Biology Teachers Association,
  • Presidential Award for Excellence in Science Education in Colorado,
  • Tandy Award, Radio Shack,
  • Milken Educator Award,
  • NABT Molecular Biology Award,
  • Colorado Governor's Award for Outstanding Teaching and a few others.

I have published many articles in scientific magazines and have written for the Biological Science Curriculum Studies (BSCS).

I have served 8 years on District 20's Board of Education, 2 years as the President of the Board, 4 years as Vice-President.